Cancer returns, Mamta to take break from films....

Mamta confirms relapse of cancer
After her brave fight back against the cancer, Mamta Mohandas was looking to reestablish herself in the cinema field and she showed up the courage to battle out the each odd things in her life, whether it is her short span of marriage life or cinema career, Mamta Mohandas always stand strong with her opinion. Latest report is that there is a relapse of cancer and for that she is undergoing the treatment.

 Mamta has confirmed this report through her twitter account, while replying to a follower, she quotes "At times a follow-up can show residual/resistant disease which needs to be treated. So this too shall pass. Thank
you for the concern and support." Mamta Mohandas, who's been not active in the twitter for past few days, made the cause of concern for followers.

 In her recent tweet "Hi y'all m around..Jus bin bz with real LIFE.O i Jus watchd The Croods. Watch it! Now enroute2watch Ladies&Gentleman with family tis tym :)", where the follower asked her about the relapse of cancer and she replied politely to the questions of followers.

 Mamta Mohandas was diagnosed with cancer in 2010, which she overcame with her courage and mader her return to the Malayalam cinema. As per the reports she has taken the break of around six months to get fully recover from the relapse.

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