"Molly Aunty Rocks" at Stuttgart Film Festival

Molly Aunty Rocks in Stuttgart Film Festival
Around the world we have many films to explore that's what film festival is meant for..., especially when Cannes Film Festival is round the corner and in this season of film festival, Malayalam films have reason to cheer as Ranjith Sankar directed Malayalam film "Molly Aunty Rocks" has been chosen for the Stuttgart Film Festival.

 As per the report, Revathi and Prithviraj starring Malayalam movie "Molly Aunty Rocks" has also been selected for the Indian films section at Cannes and on the hand India is the special guest country
at the Cannes Film Festival for celebrating 100 years of Indian cinema. The film explores the side of a woman, who  get back to the India after her living experiences in America. Meanwhile on a sudden she needs to go US, where she find it difficult to get the visa due to some problems in her tax returns.

 The film was applauded from many parts and its screening in US gains the maximum revenue for the film and  with the screening at Stuttgart Film Festival..., "Molly Aunty" will definitely rock the world......

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