Review : "Climax"

The film claims to be the real life of seductive actress Silk Smitha, turns out imprecise in expression or in simple words bubbles blown out in air. Here the question is whether makers just want to exploit the situations happened in the life of actress or to showcase her real life..., in both the cases direction and script fails to provide the touch for this Malayalam film "Climax". At the end a poor film making won't help the movie to survive....

 Story reveals how a maid became the sex symbol of the glamorous world, but before that it all began with Poomkodi (Sana Khan), works as a housemaid in the home of an actress and she also hopes to work in a film as a heroine. As she works in the home of an
actress, she get in touch with junior artist supplier, who takes her to a Malayalam film director. Now with the approval of director to cast her as the female lead, she develop the dreams of becoming a successful actress.

 As everyone know entertainment works better than the concise one and the actress is far above the image of an actress with her tempting and attractive look. Poomkodi is now Supriya and her followers increased with smitten charm of her. In this high time of her career, Supriya meets a businessman Ram Kumar (Suresh Krishna) and their linkup brought Ram Kumar's son Rahul (Subin Sunny) in the life of Supriya and there began the turmoil in the life of Supriya, which forms the rest of this "Climax".

 Director Anil hasn't valued projection of a movie in a real manner, it seems to mostly inspired from the Bollywood version and too much of B grade movie sequence may take the toll of your patience. Kaloor Dennis's weak scripting takes the rest of the best from the movie, as you could feel by looking at the psycho character of Rahul portrayed by Subin Sunny. On the technical side, you can't find too much to get the relief from the makers as from visuals to cuts from editor looks at the ordinary level.

 Sana Khan get the situations that she find it difficult to juggle across the character, as on a part she has to showcase her acting and on the other her glamour scenes looks out of scenes. Suresh Krishna, Irshad, Subin Sunny, Bijukuttan, E A Rajendran, Lakshmi Sharma, Manuraj and others haven't got the scope to survive in this weak film. For the banner of Nice Movies, P J Thomas is the producer of this Malayalam movie "Climax".

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