Now, Malayalam movie with Amby car in lead role

Amby car as hero in 72 Model Malayalam film
Popular director Rajasenan has come out with a new film where the central character is an `Amby` car in the aptly titled film "72 Model".

The content of the movie, coming out April 26, is similar to most Malayalam films and include a mix of comedy, drama, with a splash of romance.

The cast includes veteran Madhu

, new face Bharat, along with Govind Padmasoorya, Nazreen Nazar, Soniya Das and Sreejith Vijay.

It tells the tale of four friends, whose lives revolve around a 72 model Ambassador car.

The story and script are penned by Rajasenan, while with lyrics are written by Rajeev Aalunkal and Santhosh Varma.

The 2004 Hindi romantic thriller ‘Taarzan: The Wonder Car’ too had a car as the central character

Source - IANS

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