"Olipporu" Malayalam movie review

With no proper characterization, director A V Sasidharan must have got a bite from 'Natholi effect', which may be the reason of this poor film making. "Olipporu" solely counts on the star power of Fahadh Faasil and the film doesn't provide the decent amount of faith to move ahead with this lackluster script. The actor himself recently clarified about his performance in the movie and on the verdict part, we gave "Olipporu" a thumbs down from our side.

 A Bengaluru blogger Ajayan (Fahadh Faasil) pseudonymously writes under the tag of 'Olipporaali' and meets up few fellow
bloggers in this virtual world, where they use fictitious names like Gear, Brake, Clutch and others. As they are the part of this virtual world and decide to make a show, which being conceptualized by Ajayan. As per the plan was set for the show, but the man in attraction has disappeared. We get to know that Ajayan has met with an accident and admitted to a hospital with serious condition.

 Now with this incident, bloggers who are part of this show find themselves in mess as they don't know anything more than Ajayan's phone number, which was switched off. His girlfriend Vani (Subhiksha) also doesn't have any clue about Ajayan. Here starts the flashback, where kind of spirit from Ajayan's body, comes into the arena and takes us to his past experiences. There moves the story through his childhood, where he found difficult to pronounce some letters. The movie caters politics to environment all, which takes you to the rest of this story.

 Fahadh Faasil approached the character in his own way and things went haywire with loosely written plot. Kalabhavan Mani, Thalaivasal Vijay, Zareena Wahab, Aju Varghese, Subhiksha and others were just part of this show with nothing much more to do. Visual composition was the best part with Manoj Mundayat, while the editing wasn't up to the mark by Mahesh Narayanan. Song doesn't provide the space to fit into the right place and it has been tuned by John P Varkey and lyrics were written by Rafeeq Ahamed and Satheesh Kurup.

 Narration was the big drawback in this movie and the way it has conceived "Olipporu" turns out a sour taste for viewers. Lack of communication in the script by P N Gopikrishnan and direction of debutant A V Sasidharan, makes this movie goes over the mind. More or less, the movie seems to be experimenting too much without any valid proportion. For the banner of Round Up Cinemas, Shaike Afsal, Sunil Karyattukara and Sudheer are the producers of this film.

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