Malayalam film to be launched through crowd funding

crowd funding in movie 'Oraalpokkam'.
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In a first such initiative in the Malayalam film industry, a movie 'Oraalpokkam', is being launched through the funding from crowd.

The shooting of the film is expected to begin by next week, its director Sanalkumar Sasidharan and actor Prakash Bare said.

"It is a collective effort to create a Malayalam movie with a global outlook. Defying the popular concept that a film is a medium to narrate stories, we try to explore the possibilities of
the medium's capabilities to give a poetic and magical experience to viewers," said Bare, who is actively involved in Malayalam theatre and film-making as an actor and producer.

Bare has acted in over 10 Malayalam films, including the lead role in 'Sufi Paranja Katha' (2010) and has produced 'Papilo Buddha' (2013) 'Ivan Megharoopam' (2012), 'Janak' (2011) besides 'Sufi Paranja Katha'.

The resources for the film will be raised by 'Springr', which is a crowd funding platform and community building tool for creative projects and ideas.

Springr CEO Abhinav Sree said "Crowd funding is a way for motivated makers to access funding beyond official channels by talking directly to consumers, fans, peer and the like-minded strangers."

Crowdfunding was in vogue abroad and in Indian cities of Mumbai and Bangalore. Those who want to contribute for the making of the film can log on to

The film's budget is Rs 30 lakh and while 10 per cent has already been mobilised, the remaining would be raised through crowd funding route, he said.

Source : PTI

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