"Thira" Malayalam movie review

'Thira' Malayalam movie review
Change in appearance and this time we have "Thira" Malayalam movie from director Vineeth Sreenivasan and the glint from director's perspective has all out to engulf the viewers with this thriller one. The movie does carries that punch to stand out from the crowd, where narration keeps you enthrall right from the starting point. However the movie seems to be inspired, but altogether a freshness is there, watch out for Jomon T John's visual and Shobana's performance. We all can say that "Thira" deserves your precious time....

 The story here moves on with Rohini Pranab (Shobana), a cardiac doctor, who works
for poor girls by rescuing them from the clutches of trafficking gang and provide care for those girls. Her social help invites the rivals and we perceive that Rohini's husband, who is a journalist has mysteriously died in police custody, where he was being arrested on some false charges. To prove the innocence of her husband, Rohini goes on to find the reason behind the death.

 Rohini's hunt for the criminals led to the kidnapping of girls under her care and addition to that she gets the support of Naveen (Dhyan Sreenivasan) to save the girls. Naveen is an enthusiastic guy and is in search of his sister kidnapped by the rivals. We go through the phase which see the character change of Naveen, who looks a bit more aggressive in the second half. Here and there some more characters enter the spot to make things look more intense. In the midst of this conception, we move on to the rest of this movie titled "Thira".....

 Vineeth Sreenivasan has came up with the exciting thriller in terms of direction and totally a different genre from his previous one and the way he conceived the story is somewhat appreciable. Rakesh Mantodi's screenplay looks a bit shaky and the dialogues could have been much more precise. Now the life of this movie is the brilliant visual composition of Jomon T John, who step on to put the attractiveness. Ranjan Abraham's cuts also produce the splendid frames. Shaan Rahman's music enhanced the experience of viewing this movie.

 Real charm of this movie is actress Shobana, who shouldered her character's response with class and the impact she made with her comeback is tremendous. Dhyan Sreenivasan, who on his debut movie, proclaim that he is here to stay for more and manages his character in a fine way, except some glitches in dialogue delivery. Other actors like Deepak Parambol, Gaurav Vasudev and other newcomers haven't got too much of space on the screen, but performed their respective characters in satisfactory. For the banner of Reels Magic, Manoj Menon is the producer of this film, which has been distributed by L J Films.

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