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Vishudhan Malayalam movie review
Everything has attempted to give a feel that characters have planned through careful consideration, but here the problem lays over the script and narration. "Vishudhan" Malayalam movie traverse through the same plot that we have seen past in many Malayalam films. Vysakh lands up in new genre to place something different to audience, while the case is reverse where the presentation is fine and the story lacks the vibrancy. Altogether "Vishudhan" is an average one and its your choice to watch it or not.......

 Alright lets move on to the story, which sets around the village
and the people living there have a strong belief in their religion, although they are poor. A young priest Sunny (Kunchacko Boban) arrives, who has been entrusted with proceedings of church in village. In no time, Sunny gets mingled with villagers and look after the people in old age home maintained by church and the village's rich businessman Vavachan (Hareesh Perady). Sister Sophy (Mia George) also serve the old age home and the two are working day out for the welfare of poor.

 At the same time, Sunny and Sister Sophy together tries to unearth the truth behind Vavachan's social service and they find out that illegal activities that Vavachan and his son (Krishna Kumar) are involved in, which cause the ire of Vavachan against them. We see that Sister Sophy has been expelled from the church on the accusation that she has having an affair with Sunny. Now its time for Sunny to face the heat and the rest of the story forms how he tackled the situation around him.

 Director Vysakh, well known for his masala movies, initiate the process to get some significance in different genre and the most of the time he trembles along with his poorly written script. However the direction was nice, while his script seems to have delimits the movie's capability. Shahnad Jalal's visual composition gave a good touch and Mahesh Narayanan's editing also comes handy. Gopi Sundar's music also suits the mood with the lyrics of Murugan Kattakada and Rafeeq Ahamed.

 In the movie, Kunchacko Boban pretentiously handle the character and somewhat he has to produce the different shades, which he performed aptly. Mia George manages her character pretty well, Hareesh Perady wasn't look in sync, otherwise Nandu, Shalin, Suraaj Venjharamoodu, Krishna Kumar and others haven't got too much of space to perform. For the banner of Anto Joseph Film Company, Anto Joseph is the producer of this Malayalam movie "Vishudhan".

 If you have made it to this Malayalam film "Vishudhan", then do share your opinions with us through your valuable comments.....

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