"Vedivazhipadu" censorship issue : Murali Gopy expresses indignation

Murali Gopy fumes over censor board
Scriptwriter and actor Murali Gopy has all out to take one on one with censorship issue...., well for those who don't know.. Murali Gopy and Arun Kumar Aravind's upcoming movie "Vedivazhipadu" has been rejected by Censor board for issuing certificate because of its bold theme. Now the makers have trying to bring on peoples response through social networking sites on this stand of censor board.

 Murali Gopy has expressed his indignation by writing the
recent cases of attacks on women, whether it's an ATM assault or other would be shown on prime time slots and get well promoted through Televisions. He wrote that "Reality shows of various hues promote and propagate blatant obscenity, without any benefit of thematic purpose. REALITY HAS NO CENSOR BOARD. And when it comes to cinema, you cannot even show a man smoking a cigarette in his residential toilet without scribbling a statutory warning on the screen.," 

 The actor and scenarist also posted a photo on his page on social networking site and wrote that "Am attaching this screenshot of a lip lock featuring Himanshu Rai and Devika Rani from the 1933 movie 'Karma'. British India had no problems whatsoever with this. And we dare to say we are an independent nation. ART IS REFLECTING. IT IS A MIRROR. PULLING A SHEET OVER THE MIRROR DOES NOT MEAN THAT WE ARE THE HANDSOMEST POPULATION ON EARTH. IT JUST MEANS WE ARE MORONS,".

 Lets hope something would be done in this issue and soon "Vedivazhipadu" will release in theatres for audience....

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