"7Th Day" Malayalam movie review

'7Th Day' Malayalam movie review
From the beginning of the narration, you could feel that what's new in it, but things shifts to the interesting level at the last moments and that factor works well and compel viewers not to leave their seats. Debutant director Syam Dhar has succeeded in reviving low scoring script by Akhil Paul. The film has lived up fully on technicality basis and performances from actors, does make "7Th Day" Malayalam movie a good crime thriller, which deserves your precious time.

 It is about David Abraham (Prithviraj Sukumaran), a suspended cop, who
attends a party on Christmas night and on his return, his jeep rammed into the bike and it was two guys Shan (Vinay Forrt) and Vinu (Anu Mohan), who get hurt in this accident. David takes them to the hospital, where things start to smell fishy and unofficial cop anticipates something unusual there.

 Now the news reach out to David that one of the guy Vinu that he met yesterday, has committed suicide. As everything was suspicious, he sets off to investigate the mystery behind the suicide. First interrogation starts with Journalist Shan, which leads to the other friends Eby (Tovino Thomas), Jessy (Janani Iyer) and Cycle (Praveen Prem). Things started to get more tensed with the entry of Charlie (Yog Japee), which takes the story to the climax.

 Once again Prithviraj smells his opportunity to deliver blistering rendering and character look was apt. In true form, it is his film and other supporting actor Vinay Forrt gave his best to the role, Tovino Thomas, Anu Mohan, Janani Iyer and Praveen Prem have walked through their respective roles. Yog Japee doesn't seems to have found suitable atmosphere, while Joy Mathew, T G Ravi, Sunil Sukhada, Lakshmipriya and others have managed their characters quite well.

 On this first venture, director Syam Dhar sensibly used the narration and when we reached the climax it is kind of provide rethinking with flashback. Akhil Paul's script definitely has its moments, but it's seems most of the time on conventional pattern. Cinematographer Sujith Vaassudev is one of the best we have for recent time and he adapted each scene at best. John Kutty's editing could have been much better. Deepak Dev's BGM and songs have suits the proceedings. For the banner of Movie Junction, Shibu G Suseelan is the producer.

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