If it's not "Mr.Fraud", then there is nothing : FEFKA

If it's not 'Mr.Fraud', then there no releases : FEFKA
The dispute between Exhibitors Federation and FEFKA is getting more tensed, while the release date is nearing and still there is no decision has taken on the screening of Mohanlal starrer "Mr.Fraud" Malayalam movie. On this issue, FEFKA has cleared out that if the release won't happened on May 8th, then there will be no other movie releases on that day.

 FEFKA General body had earlier also decided to show their protest by
discontinuing ongoing film projects and if the ban is not lifted then association will go for strike from May 2nd. Meanwhile some reports are coming that producers and distributors are in support of FEFKA. Exhibitors Federation had earlier decided not to screen "Mr.Fraud" because of their rift with director Unnikrishnan B.

 In reply to this proceedings, Exhibitors Federation President Liberty Basheer said 'If they have the guts to stop the film's shoot, then go ahead. It doesn't going to matter us as it is related with producers and distributors. On movie screening we have enough films to showcase for the next six months'. 

 Lets hope for a better news, at least fans are keeping their fingers crossed as they want to see their favourite star on silver screen as early as possible.

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