"Polytechnic" Malayalam movie review

'Polytechnic' Malayalam movie review
After taking bet on action based genre movies, director M Padmakumar this time opts for going easy with "Polytechnic" Malayalam movie. Unfortunately it is just a mix match of few past light humour films that Malayali's have seen many times. Nishad Koya's script fails to input that attraction of freshness and on verdict point, it is just a one time watch.....

 Alright, Story is about Pauly (Kunchacko Boban) and his techniques to
survive the innings of his life. He is a good for nothing guy with political hand on left party and doesn't even care what will be his future. Here we have Pauly's friend Backer (Aju Varghese), who in turn put everything for his friend's need. On the other Pauly's mother has concerned about her son.

 Adding more vibe to story, Pauly has his love interest in childhood friend Ashwathy (Bhavana), who is now a cop. But her father and Panchayath President Sukumaran Nair (Vijaya Raghavan) is strongly against their relation. Now as a twist, Pauly's family gets a good amount of money as compensation after his father's demise, who served the Army. With this fortune, focus shifts to setting up of a business and the problems, he come across during this procedure.

 As we have already mentioned, director M Padmakumar chose the safe path, rightly so because of his previous few films haven't come up with expectations. The director should be the key source to develop this old fashioned story telling, but no one here have adjusted that. Scripting won't complement narration in needed manner, while humour saves the movie from being an annoying one. Cinematography was just stays at okay level. Same for the music of Gopi Sunder.

 Kunchacko Boban has done as usual and doesn't tried too much of experimenting with his character. Bhavana showcased her typical style of rendering that she always known for. Aju Varghese opting for different sort of characters and this time he pulled of pretty nicely. Vijaya Raghavan, Hareesh Peradi, Niyas Backer, Suraj Venjaramoodu, Ambika, Thesni Khan and others have made their presence felt. Mrinalini Gandhi Cinema banner are the producer of this film.

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