Dr. Biju's post against superstar !

Dr. Biju against Mohanlal on social media
Well acclaimed director of National Film Award winning movie "Perariyathavar", Dr.Biju is once again in news for criticizing superstar of Mollywood. It is meant to be for actor Mohanlal and director expressed his disappointment over a dialogue that has been used in his recently released movie.

 However director hasn't mentioned the
name of actor. On his social networking site, Dr. Biju posted that actor always tries to represent higher caste, (in which director has mentioned one of scenes from the movie 'Aaraam Thampuraan'). In most of their film, it shows that how they tend to overlook our tribal community.

 The director was reacting on the dialogue "Lulu Malil Kayariya Attapadikal" from Mohanlal's movie 'Peruchazhi'. 

Latest post by Dr. Biju on social networking page :-

  He also wrote that, it is actor's responsibility to aware scriptwriter and director by not using such methods to make mockery of such community. It should be avoided, especially from the actor, who has been bestowed with India's prestigious awards.

 I still stick to my point, what i have written. On fans abusiveness, director wrote, I don't change my point of view after hearing such bad comments, if it needed I will be ready to face those in legal way. 

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  1. What Dr. Biju has told is a bitter truth about today's cinema and Kerala society. These actors are creating all casteist feeling again in Kerala society, especially with a false propaganda on Nair supremacy as if all Nairs are Thamburans and rest of the people are slaves. All his movies has this element. This has also created a false pride amongst the Nair community members in Kerala and outside Kerala. As a popular art form cinema influence the society and themes representing todays society should be reflection of the current society. But in all malyalam movies only Nairs are shown as ideal/intelligent /smart and elite people in false nostalgic family background as if they are some superior beings. I think this a deliberate attempt from many parts including directors, scrpit writers and certain actors like Mohanlal. High time it should be condemned as such movies never reflects the real society in Kerala. In today's malayalam movies Nair surnames are a must where as movies of 70s and early eighties never had it. Through these movies we are again going to the society what great Vivekanada cursed about. and shame on you cinema people, for doing it deliberately with venom in your mind,pen and action.


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