"Villali Veeran" Malayalam movie review

Villali Veeran Malayalam movie review
Everything was there, from romance to comedy and then action, what one expect from typical Dileep movie. Sudheesh Shankar's mediocre direction takes place like any television show. With the shoddy script, over to that series of actor's movie on a same lane, makes the things pretty uncomfortable for viewers. Overall, "Villali Veeran" Malayalam movie disappoints big among the Onam releases.....

 Siddharthan (Dileep) is in the center of attraction, the man who tries to be
more friendly with people and help them in the time of need. A vegetable vendor and when it comes to responsibility of his family, he shouldered all burden by ignoring all other charms and fascination of life. To get out of all the problems, Siddharthan finds a way.

 To overcome the financial crisis, he decides to marry a rich girl. Focus shifts here with the arrival of an ad filmmaker Narmada (Namitha Pramod), who hails from wealthy family. She falls for the hero after some few no's and moving forward we have narration of his past life and his love interest Aishwarya (Mythili), which forms the rest of this story.

 It seems that to release this movie as Onam entertainer, director Sudheesh and scriptwriter Dinesh Pallath have just cooked up this spoiler. Even makers have failed to encash that midas-touch of actor Dileep. In fact comical sequences have lagged behind in appearances. On technical side, Anil Nair's cinematography was average and S A Rajkumar's music also sounds pretty ordinary.

 What one would expect from the actor, who's keeps on repeating the same sort of movie. As Dileep masters in comedy,so he did it with ease. Namitha Pramod managed it nicely, while Nedumudi Venu, Sai Kumar, Lalu Alex character's were not utilized. Mythili, Dharmajan and Kalabhavan Shajohn have justified their character to some extent.

 For the banner of SuperGood Films, R B Chaudhary is the producer of this film.

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