Review : "Money Rathnam" Malayalam movie

Money Ratnam Malayalam film review
You could mess up with thought, in which genre "Money Ratnam" Malayalam movie falls. It is kind of mix-match situation, Santhosh Nair directed this flick sails on same conventional pattern of story telling that we have seen many times in past. However it is a neat effort to tickle some fun bones and on this aspect you might like this one. Totally it is good for one time watch......

 Alright we have Neil John Samuel (Fahadh Faasil), working as sales manager
in a luxury car showroom. On the other, he is also engaged to Piya (Niveda Thomas), a social worker in the field of poor children and their welfare. It was a New Year eve and after a car launch ceremony, Neil was awaiting his next bus after a first miss.

 Meanwhile he decides to have a sup of alcohol in a nearby bar. After this in drunk condition, Neil gets into a dissension with gangster Makudi Dasan (Joju George), which turns out a nightmare for him. It's get more complicated with the entry of a rich man Issac Daniel (Renji Panicker), Jaleel (Shashi Kallinga), Joppan (Chembil Ashokan) and an astrologer (Sunil Sukhada). Now rest of the story deals with happening arises out through a bag went missing.

 Script of Ajith C Lokesh and Anil Narayanan maintained the required ingredient for an entertainer and gave ample input on those laughter sequences. Director Santhosh Nair tried his best to keep the scenes out of chaos and on somewhere you get the feel that it could have been much precise.

 Neil D' Cunha's visual composition grasped beautiful scenes. Editing from Manoj and art direction of Biju Chandran also added attraction to the occasion. Prashanth Pillai's Songs and background score also works well with the situations.

 Fahadh Faasil again with another character proved his mettle and he delivered his best by showing action as well. Niveda Thomas also made her character look pretty. Joju George again excelled in his comical act. Renji Panicker, Shashi Kallinga, Sunil Sukhada, Kochupreman, Balu and others have done their roles in fine manner.

 For the banner of Century Films, Raju Mathew is the producer of this film.

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