Review : "Seconds" Malayalam movie

'Seconds' Malayalam movie review
It seemed as if time is running out of hand of makers and they have deployed this multi-linear narrative in a shambles. Aneesh Upasana directed "Seconds" Malayalam movie has been embellished with some fine moments, but somewhere it fall behind to maintain that exultation in scripting. Overall it is just a one time watch.....

 It is about four people, an insurance agent Veeramani Swamy (Jayasurya), a
saleswoman in jewellery shop Teena (Aparna Nair), another one is photographer Feroz (Vinay Forrt) and the last one is a ruffian and drug addict Thampi (Vinayakan). The story begins with the unanticipated turn around and the characters get intertwined in the narration.

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 Four of them, who don't know nothing about each other, get into an elevator of a building and sudden stuck of elevator in the middle cause the series of events to be happened. From there on we get into the flashback mode and peeked into the life of these characters and their struggle. 

 Adding more to the mystery, one more character is there, Sathyadevan (Shankar Ramakrishnan), who is behind for all these commotion.

 As one can assume, film being made pretty much earlier before Jayasurya's recent releases and of that time, he looked out of sync in this one. There are not much impressiveness in the performance of cast, where Aparna Nair, Vinay Forrt, Vinayakan, Salim Kumar, Anushree, Riyaz Khan and others just passed through the sequences.

 On technical side, again it stays on lower side, whether it is cinematography of Suresh Rajan and editing, didn't added that needed impression. Same for Gopi Sunder's BGM.

 After almost a year, Aneesh Upasana got his chance to showcase his second directorial venture and he approached it pretty finely, despite that drawbacks in the scripting has affected the potential and presentation of this flick. For the banner of Achoos International, Ajay Jose is the producer of this film.

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