Perariyathavar - Names Unknown, Has It Struck The Right Chords ?

Here their names doesn't put any relevance in the society, so again director of this film Dr. Biju flashes light on marginalized section with his movie Perariyathavar (Names Unknown in English).
Perariyathavar - Names Unknown 

Perariyathavar - Names Unknown

With limited resources and environment, director did arise a feel for the lives of these unknown people. It is good enough to fall in genuine endeavor, so take a break to feel this one.....

Perariyathavar Movie Review

Perariyathavar is about a non-permanent sweeper (played by Suraj Venjaramoodu) employed with the city's Municipal corporation. He is a widower and lives in a slum with his son (played by Master Govardhan). In fact he is moving through the situation where humanity also seems to be stand low in front of him.

His close companion is Chami (Indrans), who works along with him. In all situations of their life, Chami is there to share father and son's sorrow. In the narration, it also has mechanic workshop master (Nedumudi Venu) a drunkard. Rest of the story deals with the life of their surrounding people and the problems their compeer have to face.
Technicalities and Aspect 

Yes, definitely it struck the right chords, when it comes to emotions and the sulky mood, all set the tone in balance. Dr. Biju effectively materialize the story around lead character and his son, but it lacks in terms of other characters. It is difficult to analyze, how normal audience would receive this theme.
The crew needs to be appreciated, especially cinematographer M J Radhakrishnan for adapting those emotions in scenes. Editor Karthik Jogesh did a nice job and Issac Thomas Kottukapally's music also blends the plight of these nameless faces in our society.

Perariyathavar Movie Trailer

Cast, Crew and Acting Performance

Suraj Venjaramoodu is all there in center of this plot as protagonist and he totally justified his role. His screen presence with Master Govardhan leaves such positive impact. 
No sort of mistake from class performers like Nedumudi Venu and Indrans. Sona Nair and Seema G Nair have also made it to their respective characters. Ambalakkara Global Films banner, K Anil Kumar is the producer of this film.

Is Perariyathavar Movie Available Online on Ott ?
Perariyathavar ott online

Suraaj Venjharamoodu starrer seems to be not available on online medium. May be makers have their own issues dealing with the telecast rights of this Malayalam film.
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